Monday, February 16, 2009

Liar's Lie

every one , no matter where, when or what..
will always lie..
one of the biggest lie from one
is the biggest truth from one... and a biggest liar
"I've Never Lie Before in my Life."
that alone is the biggest lie

one that dun look like a liar
what he say do not seen like a lie
yet he can be a liar
because no one have never lie before

lie is just an excuse
no one want to take that theory
because it in human's nature that no one want to agree with
that they lie to cover the truth..
the truth alone which can hurt themselves

it also a human's nature that they do not want to show
their true self or personality
even if they really never lie, over time pass by
they will lie
to cover up their truth
and not to say out the truth

even if my life is lie
my words, appearance, beliefs are a lie,
be it my dream, warning or saying are a lie,
can other even still say what i told them is the truth?

no one agree with one another,
because that is no one is the same
lie to cover it up, and to be silence about it..
because all they hope is that the truth will be forgotten overtime..

even if one say they have a best friends...
to me, nope is a friends, i been lied too..
i had lied too,
and that alone have make me to be careful
can i even think what other say is the truth..
even if i listen, is it convincing?
or if i say my words are the truth, will even other listen?

i got people saying they will listen..
but i alone known the truth,
they will never listen,
they will never want to known.
cos human nature will deny it.
they will only want to listen to themselves
even if one is at fault for his lies
yet there are many other who team up to lie
cos they always think that a lie that have many fake witness
will always cover their true self of liar...
and to force other to listen to them..

no one want to admit their lie
no one never will, and always never..

for the lie is an illusion that cover up the painful truth..
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