Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i back... and now finally..

about 1 week nvr post..
was very tired to post
really wa
a lot of walking and shopping on thurday and friday
den saturday half day shopping
half day coming back
sunday sleep and noon give presents..
monday tuesday all day sleep at home la..
posting blog.. XD

anyway i going to say thing out den post all the picture in one go..
if you wanna see first..
den just scoll down...
cos i too lazy to post nicely XD

Disney Land Day

eat your breakfast XD
dun see me with that face haha

the breakfast we can choose to eat whatever we want
there buffet to fix meal...
i eat sandwiches in breakfast for 3 days straight...
i not a picky eater XD

we did take train to some place
and ya..
learn to how to take one..
their payment in the machine is by price
so unlike Singapore..
in stead of places...
they choose the price ..
so one price ticket can go to many places...
dun know say good or not lol..

guess what i pass...
the tallest tower in Tokyo..
can see why le...


here the Disney land..
and in front of it is the train which take to Disney Sea
that building is the new Disney Hotel..
you should see how nice is it...
and big..

and the sky very cloudy..
so it very cold la..
but also mean it gonna rain today..
3 times too zzz

btw the bird not scare of us one..
this one come to us lol
so small and cute
i know singapore got ..
but they will fly away one..
dun ask why it nvr fly off...
it stick to us like glue lol...

and it very crowded..
btw did you know they have to check your belonging first...

who care..

the flower so nice too....

and we in!..

the Disney castle..
must take a picture with it on our back..
too bad we need to take a queue if we wanna take with the character there...
cos alot of other taking too..

the Tokyo Disneyland 25th year
and Halloween theme time..

a vending robot?

picture time...

and i dun wanna say alot ler..
let picture do the talking..


internet problem making it unable to load more picture..

anyway i will post them in other way by tml..
so i just say much
and maybe i post them like a screen saver way

anyway the disney land is fun
i cant say it by here
and the picture is a way to show..
so just wait..
first time i dun know what to say..

anyway there one temple we did go to..
forgot that name..
got some charm for my family

and there the yoyogi animation school..
i know some knowledge on anime and manga more
and also bad new is my parent say i stick to game first...

i just write my story line out
and maybe draw some..
that one way i was told...

anyway i think of way to post all the picture i take by tml..
den i post it tml..
just try to look forward to it >.<|"

Good days to all ci~ (V)(>w<)("\)
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