Friday, September 5, 2008


time to start packing
packing packing packing

actually i packed on tuesday... =P

just only put the one i need..
some clothes will do
and currency done changing
but i need to change for coins
money changer at lot 1 dun have..
but this few day the Singapore currency abit high ler..
mum say due to bank loan ...
dun know how they go count la...

but good that today go change lor
from 12.x to 13.x rate
the rate sure very high...
mum say it good..
if she say good den ok lor

oh btw..
what i been doing...
my own stuff..
and going to grandma house to ask uncle to get some stuff...
need to ask can borrow his camera or not
my own camera ok ok la
but wanna get a good picture at japan..
need to ask uncle le..
(my mum big brother)
he got those cool and good set of camera...
and he gone other oversea before..
i said that i borrow a luggage from him
which gone most oversea place lol...
i think i excited to go japan myself.
but too bad i have to miss the CH 8 9pm :Nanny Daddy
it one good and funny show drama..
think it good that ch 8 got a funny drama den those serious, crime thingy or love love stuff...
or some one fall and trip down and dun know how to get up zzz

anyway if u dun understand this ..
it ok....
never mind those..
this blog like my diary...
i understand can le...

Good Days to All ci~!
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