Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ragnarok Battle Offline

i gonna make myself into RBO now lol
just started out and i think i starting to understand the game play lol
and since i not good in the control part...
all i do is just whack here and there lol

but of course have to have work done la..
not like i got all the time in the world to do my assignment slowly lol
anyway since i talking on rbo now...
why not see how other do their rbo combo lol

there are 4 of them here
but all about the same on combo anyway...

tml i have to bring the school laptop to school to do work now..
so sian ~w~
but think that should be able to do it...
also i need to do work now...
since lecturer is putting pressure...
have to done and be done and be gone lol
but i think we a bit on back schedules
also for tml i can choose 2 things
go off at 1pm
or stay and help for the rest of the days lol
of course i will choose the second one
want to do my work la
although bringing the laptop for the whole day and staying here to do work is very tiring ler

but no choices..
want to get a good grade
must have to do that la

anyway about 2 week to my birthday if i count correctly
i think...
anyway i going to get a external harddisk finally..
and i not using my money la lol
my mum say she give the money i go buy one myself lol
too bad i tot i want a ps 3 hehe
but nvm la
now i need the external harddisk first
ps 3 can wait la
if not i go my friends house and play lol
that is IF i and him are free at the same time la lol
there is still a xbox and xbox 360 from my sister bf hehe

and now the remaining game in my computer...
20gb lol
10 in laptop each haha
but i think i also gotta delete those game i not playing anyway...
wanna save space for my laptop la

i think that enough talking for now..
need to get thing now
and go and sleep early ~w~
funny when i wake up i very blur and do thing slowly one..
slow start lol
that why i need to sleep lol
if not i need about...
2 hrs to prepare myself XP

Good days ci~!
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